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Raspberry Pi is a cheap single-board computer that runs Linux and many other operating systems. It was made for educational purposes but now it can be used as HTPC (home theater PC) or a server. It can even be used for retro-gaming. It is very useful for users starting with Linux. The board costs only 35$ but a charger (sold separately) is needed.

Supported models

  • Raspberry Pi 3B
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • Raspberry Pi 4B

Raspberry Pi distributions equivalent to PC distributions:

PC distribution Raspberry Pi distribution
Debian Buster Raspbian Buster
Debian Buster Diet Pi (minimal distro)
Ubuntu Ubuntu server 18.04
Ubuntu Elementary OS
Slackware Slackware ARM
Arch Linux Manjaro ARM
OpenSUSE OpenSUSE (via berryboot)

Further reading

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