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The Rosetta Stone is a device that helps you translate from one language to another. This article is about translating commands and package names between distributions.

Generic SUSE Linux Ubuntu Fedora
Install kernel source yast -i kernel-source apt-get install linux-source
program to install software yast apt-get yum
Start software management yast2 sw_single aptitude system-config-packages
Package name of CPU frequency development library libcpufreq-dev
install ssh daemon is installed by default (verify with rpm -qv openssh) sudo apt-get install openssh-server
schedule a service for starting when the computer starts chkconfig/yast2 runlevel chkconfig/Update-rc.d chkconfig
set up networking yast2 lan
Restart networking /etc/init.d/network restart OR rcnetwork restart /etc/init.d/networking restart /etc/init.d/network restart OR service network restart
shut down firewall rcSuSEfirewall2 stop
set up cups yast2 printer
set up a scanner yast2 scanner
set up networking yast2 lan system-config-network
resolve compile message " No such file or directory" sudo apt-get install libglitz1-dev