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SAVAGE: The Battle for Newerth is an FPS game with RTS elements. Players can choose to play as the role of the Commander and lead the team, or play as a warrior and fight to destroy the enemy's Stronghold.


New install

  1. With the Savage cdrom inserted and mounted execute the following command, replacing $CD_PATH with the path to your cdrom.
    sh $CD_PATH/INSTALL.linux
  2. A window titled "License Agreement" should pop-up if the command was executed succesfully. Read the agreemtnt and click the "I Agree" button to accept the license and proceed.
  3. A new window titled "Savage:The Battle for Newerth Setup" will pop-up with options regarding the installation. The options are:
    • General Options
      • Install Path - Where you want Savage installed.
      • Install a symbolic link into the path - Whether a symbolic link should be made to the savage binary.
        • Link path - Where the symbolic link should be made.
    • Install Options
      • Savage Linux Client - Whether to install the Savage Client. (You want this)
      • Savage Map Editor - Whether to install the Map Editor.
      • Desktop menu items - Whether to install shortcuts in the KDE/Gnome Menu.
    When the options are set to your liking, you may proceed with the install by clicking the "Begin Install" button.
  4. The window will switch to show the progress of the installation and will display a dialogue showing whether the installation was succesful, or not.
Once the installer completes you will need to update Savage to the latest version if you want to play online.


  1. To update Savage you will need to download the following files:
    Mirrors for the above files can be found at
  2. Open up a terminal and cd to the directory you installed savage in.
  3. Run the following commands in the savage directory, replacing $PATH_TO_DOWNLOAD_DIR with the directory you downloaded the Savage updates to in step 1.
    tar xvzf $PATH_TO_DOWNLOAD_DIR/savage_patch_200b.tar.gz
    tar xvzf $PATH_TO_DOWNLOAD_DIR/savage_patch_200b_to_200c.tar.gz


  1. Open up a terminal and cd to the directory you installed Savage in.
  2. Run the following command:
    sh uninstall
  3. The Savage directory may be safely deleted.

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