Sharing your desktop files between GNOME and Windows XP

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This article assumes the following setup:

Dual booting Windows XP and some GNU/Linux distribution with GNOME

Disk layout:

  • NTFS Windows system partition
  • FAT32 shared data partition (already mounted under Linux)
  • Linux partition(s)

Steps to set up a shared desktop

1) Boot into Windows, move folder ntfs_disk:\\Documents and Settings\your_username\Desktop onto some folder on the FAT32 disk. Windows XP will remember where you put it and look for it in that location in future. Although I have not tested the effect, I strongly advise against changing its location using Linux!

2) Boot into Linux, move all files from your /home/username/Desktop to the Desktop folder on the FAT32 partition.

3) Do an

ln -s /location_of_fat32/Desktop /home/username/Desktop


Essentially the same procedure can be followed for sharing settings for Mozilla/Firefox, Gaim, GIMP, and other programs available for both platforms.