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To configure your sound in Slackware Linux, you need two tools:

  1. alsamixer : This sets the sound and volume levels where you want them.
  2. alsactl : This allows you to save them, or change them.

FIRST: open a console and type:


This shows a bunch of different graphs which show where the volume is at the time you turned on the computer. If any of the graphs show 'MM' below them, then they are Muted. Press 'M' to either mute or unmute, as you so desire. Use the (Up and Down) arrow keys to change the levels. Press the Tab key to move to another set of controls. Do the same thing there. Finally, once you are satisfied with it, press escape to exit.

SECOND: type at the sHell prompt:

alsactl store

This allows the computer to save what you have just changed. At this point, unless you want to make any other changes, the sound is set up as you desire.

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