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There are numerous web browsers already included with almost every Linux distribution.

  • Firefox - based on Mozilla; only a browser
  • Chrome: for 64-bit distributions only
  • Chromium: the open-source version of Chrome
  • Midori: for old hardware and machines with low resources
  • Epiphany
  • Opera - commercial offering (has to be downloaded separately). Not open-source.
  • Lynx - text-interface
  • Konqueror - on KDE
  • Mozilla - platform-independent; includes more than just a browser

You may wish to perform some of the following tasks before using your web browser, or when you are first using your web browser:

  • Check the cookie settings
    • In general, it is safe to allow all cookies as session cookies only.
  • Enable popup blocking, if it is supported.
  • Install popular plugins for your browser.

Some popular plugins include:

  • Shockwave/Flash - install manually
  • Plugger - usually included as a package in Linux distributions
  • Java - install manually
  • Quicktime - for experts only
  • MPlayerPlug-In - requires MPlayer, which supports a wide variety of file formats. Only available for Konqueror, Mozilla, and Firefox.

Additionally, if you are using Mozilla or Firefox, visit Mozilla's Extension Room for useful add-ons such as soft scrolling and mouse gesture navigation.