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'zcat /proc/config.gz' does not work for me. I have a custom compiled 2.6.21 kernel, which apparently lacks the CONFIG_IKCONFIG option
-picobyte Tue May 1 10:49:02 2007

search for the configuration in /sys. I am investigating, too. Google shows a lot of hits for zcat /proc/config.gz, btw, so, I guess it is your newer kernel --ThorstenStaerk 05:32, May 1, 2007 (EDT)
you need to have general setup -> kernel .config support enabled --ThorstenStaerk 05:35, May 1, 2007 (EDT)
That's what I meant when I said 'my kernel apparently lacks the CONFIG_IKCONFIG option'. I've compiled it in now, and it should work in my next boot.
-picobyte Tue May 1 22:34:11 2007

Also thanks for putting the lsmod section back. I'm thinking about moving my section to a new page, though.-picobyte Tue May 1 22:34:11 2007

I'm not sure whether there is much interest in this, but this script can be used to extract info from Kconfig files using a module name (as in modprobe -l) as argument:

sedit() {
  sed -n "s/^obj-\$(\(CONFIG_[A-Z0-9_]*\))\W*+=\W*$1\.o$/\1/p" "$2/Makefile";
conf="`sedit ${mod##*/} $dir`";
sed -n "/^config ${conf#CONFIG_}$/,/^config/p" "$dir/Kconfig" | while read LINE;
  echo -en $oldline;

--Picobyte 16:49, May 11, 2007 (EDT)