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TODO? We shouldn't sign articles, just Talks and so on, right? So Mike Hearn's sig should be removed from this article?

Digiot 17:31, Mar 1, 2004 (EST)

Yep.. mentioned this to Jer. last week; as this is a collaborative effort sigs in "ordinary" articles of any kind should be removed.

Skyline 19:43, Mar 1, 2004 (EST)~

Okay. Well, I'm going to go ahead and do that then - in case new people see it and copy it - because I haven't seen Mike around in a couple of days.

You're still credited in the 'history', Mike! ;)

Digiot 21:10, Mar 1, 2004 (EST)

Oops. Crap. You said 'mentioned' to Jeremy. What'd he say? I somehow assumed the last clause was paraphrasing what Jeremy said in reply but I just realized that might have been what *you* said to *him*.

Digiot 21:12, Mar 1, 2004 (EST)

Skyline is correct, pages should not be signed. As any page can be edited by anyone, a bunch of sigs would just get confusing and add clutter. Like you said - the history will give credit to the proper people.
Jeremy 23:32, Mar 1, 2004 (EST)

Check out posts 19-20 on the main Wiki thread at LQ for more:

Skyline 23:30, Mar 1, 2004 (EST)