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i suppose one needs to be somewhat strict about what is an IDE and what is a featureful gui editor.

Web design should be split off from this. It questionable as a title and as a topic. I add the 'see also' just to link up an orphaned page but it's not really relevant to applications. I could have just deleted 'Web Design' but I can see it being a useful op-ed howto piece.

Digiot 01:01, Mar 21, 2004 (EST)

I wasn't crazy about the title when I first encountered this article. I would vote for separating the two subjects completely. I think a web design article would be on topic (esp. when talking about open source solutions), and so would something separate for IDEs in general. Just my $0.02

Yes, I agree web design need to be split off from this. They have really different goals and features, though sometimes they overlap a bit. Some IDEs that deal web applications, e.g. j2ee/servlets and have stuff to do HTML web design. But I still think these are IDEs, web design tools _only_ deal with web html layout. There also seems to be a Integrated Development Environment page, which is confusing and probably needs to be replaced with the stuff on this page. Jor

Okay - how about if I delete 'Integrated Development Environment' since it has no content or history to speak of, move this to 'Integrated Development Environment' to take its place, and then put both sections (including the already existing 'Web Design' on the 'Applications' page?

Digiot 22:50, Mar 23, 2004 (EST)

Yes, delete the 'Integrated Development Environment' with currently no usefull content. Not sure was you want to do with the rest. I'd say move the Web Design stuff to a seperate page and link both the now new "Web Design applications" and "Integrated Development Enviroment" from the applications page. But anyway, atleast just delete that 'Integrated Development Environment' and move this page to it. 'Us' plain users will do the rest ;) Jor 23:02, Mar 23, 2004 (EST)
Okay - both pages need work but now they're easier to work on. :) - And I do have an extra button or two, but other than that, I'm a plain user, too. ;) Digiot 23:42, Mar 23, 2004 (EST)
And I screwed that up. Why is it I have no problem with case on my box, but go case-blind on the web? This should have been moved to 'Integrated development environment" and "Integrated Development Environment" should have been redirected instead of deleted since the slot wasn't needed. *sigh* I think it's, uh, "fixed" now. Digiot 23:54, Mar 23, 2004 (EST)

Just a little note, I removed Dev-C++, which is a windows only IDE I think. But maybe i'm wrong and there is some linux version... or maybe it runs in WINE. So if somebody actually uses it in Linux, please re-add it :) I'm also not sure about Glimmer, I think it's just a advanced text editor. Jor 08:24, Mar 24, 2004 (EST)

yes, glimmer is more of an advanced editor than an IDE, with syntax highlighting for a fairly large number of languages, it would probably fit perfectly in the same category as SciTE does, an advanted text editor.