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installing intel pro 10/100 ethenet card

I have just installed red hat linux 7.2 on an IBM Thinkcentre. It has an onboard intel pro 10/100 ethernet card, however the auto probe does not see it. I have tried entering the following in grub.conf: append="ether=10,300,eth0" But this does not install it. I have an added complication that the X-window drivers are not happy with the graphics card either, so I can't run any of the windows-based tools.


The LQwiki is not intended as a place for tech support questions. If you wish, you can still ask such questions in the talk pages, but you will receive a more accurate and rapid response at the LQ forums. If you are not already a member of the forums, you can register here. You can link to LQwiki articles from the LQ forums like so: [[Insert article name here]] After you fix your problem, please share your experience with others back at the LQwiki! Crazyeddie 15:33, Mar 16, 2005 (EST)

When I read this article's title, I expect it to be about installing Linux. But it is not. First it talks about choosing a Linux distributIOn, then configuration and next steps. The only thing it says about the actual installation is that you find help on the page distributiOn which is even wrong :(( --ThorstenStaerk 16:20, August 22, 2010 (UTC)