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Where should we put other distros that don't fit anywhere? [TopologiLinux] can be booted from Windows and can also be booted from Window's "boot.ini".

Made a change to the structure and added "categories" to enable people to home in on a specific type of distribution - fill out links and content next

Skyline - 21/02/04

There's a little overlap in terms of distros/types - however, most are primarily known as one thing or another and can usefully be categorized for present purposes (regards the ones that fall into a special category)

Skyline - 21/02/04

Awaiting Style Guide for input on Title styles/formats etc.

Skyline - 21/02/04

BTW - feel free to comment/discuss the structure/content of this section here - it's not set in stone at all - I've just made a start.

Skyline 21:10, Feb 21, 2004 (EST)

It really is a cool collection. Nice input Sky.


"Is not extremely useful" that's misplaced understatement. The intentions are good, I know, but it's too obviously geared towards the wide-eyed newbie. You need an analogy:

"Linux the kernel is like the engine of your automobile, great when it roars now and again, but let's face, it's the upholstery and steering wheel you spend most of your time in contact with. Well it's the same with Linux Distributions, the linux kernel is under the hood, but the applications and GUI that come with it are what have most of the diversity and get most of the attention".