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I would venture to say that the pronunciation is not that rigid. Why enforce a certain pronunciation if it is a decidedly ambigous issue?

It is quite common to say, when speaking, (e.g.) "make a sequel query", rather than "make an SQL query". Often in print one sees SQL prefixed by 'an' rather than 'a' which suggests that the author is suggesting the initialism pronunciation but it seems as though plenty of people say sequel so why would one claim that is not appropriate?

Who is to say that (e.g.) /etc must be pronounced ee tee see rather than et see?

Marcel 22:39, Mar 6, 2004 (EST)

In the case of MySQL, I'd say the company that makes the software is the one that should decide how it ought to be pronounced. See this page of their FAQ for the pronounciation guide:

With that said, it may not be relevant to leave that particular bit of information in the wiki entry. Not sure. If you don't like it, take it out :-)

Mhouliston 22:54, Mar 6, 2004 (EST)

Thanks for the link. I did not know that had a position and so I suppose it is valid to reiterate that, though they do qualify saying that they don't mind if it is pronounced in another way. I suppose it does not really matter. So I suppose it is fine to leave it in, but maybe it should be reworded to closer represent what it says at, which is to say, "it is officially pronounced like this, though it is common to also hear it pronounced like this." Though it certainly isn't that big of a deal one way or another.

Thanks again for the link.

Marcel 23:00, Mar 6, 2004 (EST)