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I wish there were some notes on naming conventions here.

I was confused for a long time by names such as "perl-SVG-Metadata-0.11-1.0.rh8.dag.i386.rpm", because "dag" wasn't a system component that I knew of. Later I find that dag is the name of a distribution of RPMs, named after it's founder. I think that this kind of information should be in the wiki.

My understanding of RPM filenames is incomplete, though, so I'm not writing something here on filename standards myself.


AFAIK there is no official common standard for this. The closest thing is the package naming guidlines from the Fedora project, but I'm not sure what that current status is of that. Every RPM distribution just use their own variation on that naming scheme. There isn't a strict guideline yet like there is for the Debian .deb packages. There's also the the specification from the LSB I believe, but this applies to the 'naming' of the package and not the filename (which can be anything, since it doesn't matter much anyway). --Jor 16:39, Feb 8, 2005 (EST)

Notes for the final article to go here:

  • .dag means it's part of "Dag's" RPM set
  • .fr means it's part of the "Fresh RPM's" RPM set.

These people seem to have made an ad-hoc standard amongst themselves.