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Slackware Links or "Slackware LQ Suggestions Links!"

  • onebuck: I'm not sure which. I tend to lean towards the "Slackware LQ Suggestions Links!" since it represents both Slackware and other possibilities. What say you?

  • Road_map: How about "Contents" header? That could made easier to find informations on this wiki.

  • onebuck: Sure! I'm expanding the comments right now. Will get to the Contents. But your welcome to help! I am learning to use the wiki and format. Not that complicated but still learning the syntax & semantics.

  • Road_map: The table of contents is too large (about 33 entries). There is at least 2 solutions: 1. notoc 2. use a table of contents on two columns. Later edit: I added a Table of Contents with notoc and two columns.

  • onebuck: Looks good! Thanks. I will continue with the comments and a little format.
  • onebuck: I will finish the comments later, getting tired.

  • onebuck: I've worked on the comments section. I noticed some stale links. I will mark them as stale then remove after a few scattered attempts. Possibly, try them for just a few days and mark.

  • Road_map: I've added more security related links in section "Tools, Recovery, Diagnostic, Emergency and Security" (the last 4). I think if it could be useful a "Back to Contents" link in every section.

  • onebuck: Great! I agree a way to to get back would be nice. I've added a 'Get Your ISO' Page. This page will be for any other linux distro iso image references.

  • onebuck: Road_map, I think we should break the "Tools, Recovery, Diagnostic, Emergency and Security" into two pages. "Tools, Recovery, Diagnostic and Emergency" and "Security" should be separate. I thought at the time to integrate but I think the separation will aid everyone. BTW, I like that last reference link "Security distributions". I also removed the links count reference since it was stale. No need for one in a post of this style. What do you think about the way this is going?

  • onebuck: Add links to "Linux Kernel" & "Get Your ISO"

  • Road_map: I think is ok to separate that section. It is (will be) a problem: this wiki page will be huge in time and it will be hard to trimmed, if the sections (categories) are not clear enough. You must prevent that.

  • onebuck: That was my reasoning. I think that certain sections may even lead into another wiki period. Security has always been a problem with depth. We need to keep this in mind so that everyone can or will use it. A problem will be the limits on what we reference. If we reference something beyond the scope of a typical user then the audience will narrow i.e. white papers. But if we just provide pablum then the user base will still not be satisfied. I agree that a problem does exist. I will give this a lot more thought.
The linear development of the original is partly at fault. I just wanted to develop a list that added a list of links to help others within the Slackware Linux community. We now have a reference that now needs to look at a wider scope, the Linux community as a whole. My drive is still to provide as much to the Slackware community but cull as much from the Linux community in order to service both.
Road_map, I do appreciate the assistance and the openness of the discussion.

  • onebuck: I separated the 'Security' to another page. Added some comments, a little formatting.

  • onebuck: Made 'X', 'X Applications' & 'Desktop Applications' added some links and comments. Checked for stale. Correct spelling & grammar.

  • onebuck: I added 'Linux File System & some links w/comments

  • Road_map: New toc, new order of sections, a check of links in sections. There are "Empty entry" in toc, for other sections. The Table of contents has 2 columns (width=50%). If you need more categories, you can make 3 columns (width=33%).

  • onebuck: Looks good! I like the layout. I started an edit in an editor with some of this in mind. Like I said, " to many irons in the fire". Looks cleaner and more intuitive to the user.

  • onebuck: I added several links and polished a few. Add comments and clarify others.

  • onebuck: Did some organization in Network, added firewalls & firewall rules

  • onebuck: More organization; Security, Slackware & LiveCD

  • onebuck: Fix some links, Note need to cycle stale

  • onebuck: Edit & add to the Kernel section. Add/Replace Slackware® marks.

  • onebuck: Organization Kernel, Get slack & subsections. Stale checks.

  • onebuck: added several links, format & organization. Grammar & Layout

  • Alisou2: irc Has anyone considered adding an IRC section? for Slack or for Linux-in-general? Finding ##slackware on is pretty easy, but some others need a bit of digging. I'm collecting channels right now, but if someone else has a bunch already maybe they would be a better candidate to insert such a section. (Oops, I don't know how to add a post to the discusison :( )

  • onebuck: I think it would be a good idea but possibly a off page since the list could grow. I'm thinking about breaking the sections for the Slackware wiki into pages as they are getting length. I know that jeremy doesn't want to support IRC on LQ because of the problems. reference to the channels would be another story. See a post by Jeremy.

  • onebuck: Move 'The perfect desktop Slackware 12 Howto' to the Slackware Help section'

  • Duryodhan how about creating a slackware-links category ? Then the pages could go inside that category , and the list of pages could go automagically! But there is also the issue that if you split a single page into multiple pages , noobs won't look into all the pages and teh whole point of such a page will be lost. Thats why I think that the page should be trimmed down, even if that means losing a few good links for the better ones. imho , my 2c.

  • onebuck: I like the open page with the linear layout for the reason you outlined. The newbie would just find it difficult otherwise. But the original idea wasn't just for the newbie. I really don't think trimming is the right thing to do at this time.
As for the IRC, why can't a Slackware-IRC-Links wiki be created? I really think that would be the way to go for the IRC. The length will grow, so categories with multiple pages would be the way to start. Anyone that is using IRC should be able to navigate through.

As for the commenting of the links. I try to make sure the Link provides a definition, if not then expand or comment on the link is made. If you put to much comment then it can be confusing by the amount of data. Therefore the pages will seem congested. For the page length and the browser error message. The problem is with certain Netscape and Opera browsers levels. I want to do some re-organization but if the user is still using these browsers then they should change with the times to a real browser.

  • onebuck: Put back the omitted LiveCD links. As I stated before this is a GNU/Linux Slackware list of links. Not just Slackware specific. I may be wrong here but the original intent was to support the community not just Slackware. These tools are valuable to a knowledgeable user therefore by example the newbie should be able to gain the experience by reference by someone. We should continue to be open and not exclusive when we work with other parties, be it Fedora, RH or whatever. If the tool is usable then by all means use it but use it properly. A screwdriver is not a chisel! :)

  • onebuck: It is usually customary to include discussion about proposed changes before doing. I replaced the Linux Understanding UNIX/Linux file system: parts ,II,III,IV,V, VI and VII. The reason being is that the omitted cannot be referenced as the original intent. Sure the Part I link will get you to the whole article but my reason from a academic point is to reference the parts when needed within the list.

So please if major changes are to be made then we should discuss it. If corrections, inclusion or minor changes even syntax/semantics then as the wiki rules state. Don't take this as a control issue because it's not. I just want to continue with the original idea. Whenever necessary then modify the idea when needed/warranted.

  • onebuck: robby, I understand your Slackware intent but the list is not just for Slackware but for GNU/Linux Slackware. If the newbie is the primary reasoning for the trimming of the list then we need to discuss this. The 'Samba' link is under the Linux General section. If a newbie is that stupid to take as you suggest the source and attempt to compile therefore causing problems. Then so be it! His/Her problem(s). We cannot guard or prepare anything with this type of mindset. The list is for the Linux community as a whole not just a 'newbie list'. Sure the normal or advanced user will know how to find the links but a repository is always helpful. But as 'H_TeXMeX_H' referenced some link lists as link dumps, I don't want this wiki to become one. The list should be broad but not over encompassing yet have some definition. Heck If I want the wiki to become a link dump then my 'Bookmarks' would accomplish that. Gary :)

  • onebuck: I plan on reworking parts of the wiki. The need for paging is becoming apparent. I'll have to look into different methods of compilation so as not to fall into traps in the future. :)