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S3 Suspend

  • Has anyone been successful with reliable s3 suspend?

It seems to have to do with the NVIDIA card not coming back to a working state.

It works, you have to tweak some options in /etc/default/acpi-support, or /usr/share/acpi-support/Hewlett-Packard.config, read the article. --Tweenk 12:20, January 19, 2008 (EST)

X rotation and bit depth

I found that rotation stopped working mysteriously. It turns out that my bit depth had been set to 32. Changing it back to 24 bpp fixed the problem.

Pointless openSUSE column?

I think that having a separate column for openSUSE is rather superfluous, because the results are going to be essentially the same. --Tweenk 12:24, January 19, 2008 (EST)