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I just wanted to thank you for this page. You just delivered what I wanted to know. Neither the manpage nor googling delivered this result. Especially where the ulimit setting is valid and that there is a config file for it - no one else wrote that in the whole internet :)

I would like to include documentation for "nofile", which is in /etc/security/limits.conf on Ubuntu 10.04. Should I put it here or somewhere else? -Ali, hourback AT gmail DOT com

go ahead, if it does not fit it will be moved anyway. Welcome to! This wiki allows you to read tutorials and tips to a lot of Linux topics, and you can also add your own content.

You can write articles on all using-Linux topics here:

  • you found out how to install Linux to a USB disk? Add your knowledge to installing Linux on a USB disk.
  • you alway mix up target and source for the command zip? Put a reminder for you and everyone else to zip.
  • you found something useful that you want to tell everyone? Write it to tips and tricks.

and now, have fun! --ThorstenStaerk 20:48, August 13, 2010 (UTC)