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I think only proper nouns should be capitalized - otherwise it looks like MS 'Windows'. Unless maybe for emphasis, but then it should be quoted or made bold or something. - Or the tt code. That might not be a bad idea - to tt or bold the keyword under discussion.

A window manager is...


A window manager is...

Digiot 00:35, Mar 1, 2004 (EST)

Well.... I think if you took a sample of 100 people, don't think too many would confuse "Window manager" with "MS Windows" in a section entitled "Window Manager" - simply thought that a generic term with a set of known properties should be given some emphasis of some sort - as to what what emphasis is appropriate, that's a different matter? - maybe - window manager (in typewriter font)?

Skyline 01:02, Mar 1, 2004 (EST)

I believe that the Do: and Don't: are important to direct the inclusion of more useful content, but I am not sure they belong on this page, because this page does not include a list of all window managers.

Unless this can be changed, I think the Do: and Don't: should be generalized sufficiently to go to the Applications page.