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The rpm supplied for xvidcap will have troubles on some installations due to a clash in png libraries. Making from source resolves this error and allows gvidcap to run without crashing. Will be sending some fedora built rpm's to the xvidcap maintainer soon :) The gvidcap client provides an interface alot more convenient to setting preferences.

Also note that the animate command you've noticed is strictly for animating a sequence of images! Will not work with mpegs. Use your usual video player (videolan/mplayer) for this.

Nice little program with alot of potential! --Snorri

I revised and moved the original comment and your note, here, Snorri, to the end of the page. However, it should really be replaced with a 'See also' link and be a full blown gvidcap page. Also, 'Xvidcap' probably needs to be redone in a more 'objective' way. However, I don't have any experience with either app, so just left it at that. --Digiot 17:50, May 15, 2004 (EDT)