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A little more concisely possibly?

The LQwiki is not intended as a place for tech support questions. If you wish, you can still ask such questions in the talk pages, but you will receive a more accurate and rapid response at the LQ forums. If you are not already a member of the forums, you can register here. For more information about the Wiki itself, and it's purpose, see the About page.

Btw - I'd post this on the Sysop list soon (I'll pop it in if not) - I'll discuss it further there, and more importantly, Jeremy will probably want a guiding hand on this area in particular - thanks - Skyline 20:33, Dec 9, 2004 (EST)

I'll do so as soon as I get to my office tomorrow, about 1-2 PM Central time. If you get a chance before then, do so. Crazyeddie 01:34, Dec 10, 2004 (EST)