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TOra (Toolkit For Oracle) is a Database Administration Tool for Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL

From the website:


  • Handles multiple connections.
  • Asynchronus database communication. UI mostly responsive when accessing database.
  • Requires no installation on the database side to be fully functional.
  • Advanced SQL worksheet.
    • Code completion.
    • Explain execution plan.
    • Execution statistics.
    • SQL syntax highlighting.
    • Quick menu for often used custom SQL.
    • Parse error location indication.
    • Chart visualization of result.
    • PL/SQL block parsing.
  • Schema browser.
    • Table & view editing.
    • References & dependencies.
    • Tab & tree based browsing.
    • Object & data filtering.
  • PL/SQL editor & debugger.
    • Breakpoints.
    • Variable watches.
    • Line by line stepping.
    • Debugger SQL output viewing.
    • Syntax structure tree parsing.
  • Server tuning.
    • Server overview.
    • Tuning charts.
    • I/O by tablespace & file.
    • Performance indicators.
    • Raw server statistics.
    • Parameter editor (P-file editor).
  • Security manager.
  • Storage manager with object & extent viewer.
  • Session manager.
  • Rollback manager with snapshot too old detection.
  • SGA & long operations trace.
  • Current session information.
  • Statistics manager with parallel analysis.
  • DBMS alert tool.
  • Invalid object browser.
  • SQL output viewer.
  • Database & schema comparison and server.
  • Extract schema objects to SQL scripts.
  • Easily extendible.
    • Ability to add support for new or older Oracle versions without programming.
    • Well documented plugin API (Only Linux version).
  • SQL template help with PL/SQL functions and optimizer hints.
  • Full UNICODE support.
  • Printing of any list, text or chart.
  • Cross platform support. Known to work on Linux, Windows and Solaris.

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