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The uptime command typed at the command line in a terminal, will show:

  • The current time,
  • The time this machine has been up and running (in hours, days, etc),
  • How many shell instances are running (the number of users),
  • And finally the load average.


$ uptime
  3:09pm  up 3 days 17:31,  6 users,  load average: 0.22, 0.15, 0.05

In this example, the computer has not been powered off since 3 days and 17 hours. There are 6 users logged in.

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Not all distributions provide this command, but most (all?) of the ones that do incorporate this from the GNU Coreutils: and use its man page

Related Commands

All of these relate to system-wide information.

  • arch - show CPU hardware details.
  • date - set or show the time.
  • hostid - Set pr show the host's numeric ID.
  • hostname - Set or show the host's name.
  • nproc - Show the number of cores.
  • ps
  • top
  • uname - Show host and kernel information.
  • w

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