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want to know something about me ? Look here: [1]

What I find interesting

How I set up my computer

I use the latest version of SUSE. I do the following changes for my personal convenience:

  • Forward X11 (see
  • remove bouncing cursor (kcontrol->Appearance & Themes->Launch Feedback->Busy Cursor|No Busy Cursor)
  • add device icons to the desktop (kcontrol->desktop->behavior->device icons->show device icons)
  • remove spell checking from kmail
  • kcontrol: remove %U from the application command for the file association from .doc

What I always wanted to say

I log in as root. Yes, really. Everyone was warning me so intensely when I started with Linux in 2000, I decided I just had to try. Now, after 5 years, I have never regret it. It is just more easy to live without a split personality. I still do not see one single reason to change this. I check that /opt/kde3/share/config/kdm/kdmrc does not contain AllowRootLogin=false

What I always wanted to do

Here's what I always wanted to do, described how to do it: