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Talk to me here:
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Reply to subject with RE:Subject
Start talking.
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Put the subject in the summary.

Indenting the sub-sections relative to the section Titles does aid vision - go for it! - nice fast work - Sky

Thanks man. ~ aaa

Yo, I kinda think you are making a mess of the pages doing your bullets thing. I reverted the Applications page back to how it was. It just really looked too busy.


You forgot to re-add the editor group. Don't forget emacs.

Aaa 18:25, Feb 23, 2004 (EST)


Just added it. Also, please don't take this the wrong way. It is not meant to be a bad thing ;)

Whitehat :)


Aaa 18:33, Feb 23, 2004 (EST)

RE:Whitehat's opinion

Man, aaa, you've sure got a lot of rules for talking to you. ;) Does make for a pretty readable page, though.

Whitehat - I've gotta say I think aaa's take looked better and you've got to have scalability - without bullets and better and more thorough sub-organization, it's going to get to be a huge mess. But that's just my opinion. Just prior to hitting this page I 'made a mess' of Commands/File Commands by putting them into sections with bullets. Maybe somebody will come along and undo it, but I think it's a lot more logical and clear. Oh well - it's a collaborative thing and a thing of flux.

Digiot 03:13, Feb 25, 2004 (EST)

Keyboard shprtcuts at a glance

Thanks for bulleting the page. Saved me some time. Thanks.

And ya, nice work on the whole. Linuxlala

RE:Re: Whitehat's opinion

Digiot & Aaa,

I agree. In the beginning I wasn't really sure how stuff was supposed to go here. I see now how things are. In, fact I think everyone is doing such a great job I threw a bit of something in my talk section. So, I no longer think it was a bad thing Aaa. I think the idea will be a good one as this place gets bigger and bigger.

Quote from Digiot: "Just prior to hitting this page I 'made a mess' of Commands/File Commands by putting them into sections with bullets."
Digiot, I didn't mean to offend. Sorry.

Whitehat 20:18, Feb 27, 2004 (EST)

I express myself so badly so often. You didn't offend me at all but I see how my quoting you sounds completely sarcastic or something. I just meant I had coincidentally done exactly what you complained about - not that your complaining about it offended me.

And, yeah, I think most of us are kind of feeling our way around, trying to figure out this wiki thing. :) Like I said above, it's a collaborative thing and it'll constantly change, so different opinions and approaches are good.

Digiot 21:11, Feb 27, 2004 (EST)