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compiling transcode 0.6.12 or even 0.6.14 under mandrake 10.1.

I managed to compile transcode 0.6.12 under mandrake 10.0, once i downloaded nasm =>0.98 (approx.) with no additionally pack(s) needed.

on 10.1 i get an error on the making of tcdecode, with dsputils (approximately named...) has anyone anything similar and if anyone could lead me to help docs. or tutorials.

has man 10.1 gutted all multimedia codecs, like MEcoder et al.

the best wiki i used for newbies, since the 2nd coming of G.w.Bush.

fedoara core 2 etht0 does not exist

my attempts to initialise eth0 reports (from the netcfg gui) that my eth0 interface does not exist. i think the device has not been loaded via the kernel.

need help initialising this device on FC2, to use the internet. any help grateful and welcomed.

where all the unofficial FC2 stuff for multimedia decoding.

Hi Legs007:
The LQwiki is not intended as a place for tech support questions. If you wish, you can still ask such questions in the talk pages, but you will receive a more accurate and rapid response at the LQ forums. If you are not already a member of the forums, you can register here. You can link to LQwiki articles from the LQ forums like so: [[Insert article name here]] After you fix your problem, please share your experience with others back at the LQwiki!
--Skyline 08:21, Nov 20, 2004 (EST)