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Scott, you asked me for ideas what you should write about. Man, your contributions are not bad. Even very good in my opinion. And of course everyone runs out of ideas. Where do my ideas come from? From egoism:

  • I got a new netbook with touchscreen
  • it does not work
  • I do not find an explanation here
  • I find out
  • I write it here for next time (I am not only egoistic, but also forgetful :)

Do it just like this, and if you disappear for some weeks, don't feel bad about it. As newbie, please proof-read Linuxintro. If you want to do me a favor, proof-read security and networking. Change the articles directly or write ideas to the talk page. And, please, add some Ubuntu knowledge to my favorite articles. thanks --ThorstenStaerk 19:41, August 17, 2009 (UTC)