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This is ugen64's talk page!

So how do we talk? I don't feel like working on a wiki that I don't understand, because I'd be doing work that can be done automatically... how do we do Wiki Actions? and embed other pages in one page... so we do n't have to rewrite stuff all the time?

I Guess I'm confused enough that I'm in an error state. This talk feature doesn't seem like it works like an IM..

Wiki Actions are things that one can embed into a wiki, to save work...

like has Back Links, so every page can effectively be a category page.

Lots of people are making one way paths to get to their information, and i believe that the power of the wiki lies in multiple paths to get to and from the data...

I'm a bit frustrated dealing with a wiki that actually has other people working on it. (mostly my own faults showing), and I'm looking for a more prevalent style guide... plunging ahead makes for a lot of rework if the person doesn't know how to use wiki's to save work... and I don't know how to do some of these automatic things yet, so I feel like I am wasting my time doing something that the computer can do automatically...

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I think that I'm seeing that you're a moderator/owner.. or at least worked on a restricted page, and I've been working on the Gentoo Server Project Wiki quite a bit over the last few months, and an looking to switch over to this wiki as my main venue.

The Manual of Style is being worked on now. You can see what some other wiki's call Back Links by clicking on the "What links here" link.
Jeremy 09:49, Mar 15, 2004 (EST)


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