Using imaging on partitions

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Create and restore an image for a partition.

Some notes for guidance....use a live cd or dvd examples include
kanotix or knoppix<br.>

Once you have booted the cd/dvd (changing your bios boot order to allow this) then open a terminal and issue the following commands

su (to get root powers for the live cd/dvd)

mkdir /z (to create a new virtual drive easier to type than using the /mnt folder unix people tend to use

mount /dev/(your target partition) /z

Saving image

Use the arrow keys or the TAB key to navigate to the partition to be imaged and write your file name. Also notice the F5 is used to continue or F6 to exit

Choose your compression level

Write comments if you want to

Restoring an image

After saving an image have a look at its filename and you will notice for .gz files Partimage has added .000

Unfortunately there is no autocompletion while typing in the path and filename (that I know of) so you need to know the exact name. Hence my use of simple filenames by naming the Partition number then a letter so 6z.gz.000 would be the 26 image of the partition /dev/hda6 or /dev/sda6

Headline text

A common error is if you forget to show the pathway to your partition which is /z

or if you forget that with gz files Partimage adds .000 (zeros) to your file name. But you get a chance to re-search or you can always exit and start again.

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