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A video player plays audio and video in several formats, such as MPEG, DivX, DVD or VCD/SVCD. It also lets you run videos in full-screen mode.

There is a good article on on Playing DVD and videos. Most DVDs sold are encrypted, meaning you will not be able to play them out of the box on Linux. But the libdvdcss package will do the trick for you. Pick it up from RPMFind here.

Note that installing free decoding software on your computer can be illegal and entirely your own decision.

Specific applications

  • AviPlayer
    plays avi files. Part of avifile project.
  • Helix Player/RealPlayer
    cross-platform media players with full SMIL support
  • MPlayer
    an amazing video and DVD player.
  • MPLayerXP
    is a branch of the well known mplayerhq which is based on the new (thread based) core.
  • Ogle
    a DVD-only player for Linux and BSD environments.
  • Totem
    the GNOME video and DVD player.
  • VLC
    Videolan Client, a cross-platform multimedia player.
  • Xine
    a multi-format video and DVD player.

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