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xv is a small but powerful image viewing program for the X Window System with some abilities to make manipulations and conversions. It is freely available, though not GPL. It can operate on images in the GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PBM, PGM, PPM, XPM, X11 bitmap, Sun Rasterfile, Targa, RLE, RGB, BMP, PCX, FITS, and PM formats on all known types of X displays.

xv will run on any system that has the Gnu C Compiler, GCC as xv is distributed as source. When installing xv it is important to apply all of the patches before compiling.

xv can do a lot with the image such as adjust hue and brightness, magnify any portion of the image, grab any rectangular portion of your screen and turn into an image, ie, it is also a screen capture tool, among other things.

How to use xv

The right mouse button brings up the xv controls dialog box.

Hints and Tips

  • When saving an image, make sure to check the "Normal Size" box in the save dialog, unless you want the image resized to fit on the screen.

Other options

To view images of whatever type, you can as well use konqueror.

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