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zip, zipcloak, zipnote, zipsplit - package and compress (archive) files

zip [-aABcdDeEfFghjklLmoqrRSTuvVwXyz!@$] [-b path] [-n suffixes] [-t mmddyyyy] [-tt mmddyyyy] [ zipfile [ file1 file2 ...]] [-xi list]

zipcloak [-dhL] [-b path] zipfile

zipnote [-hwL] [-b path] zipfile

zipsplit [-hiLpst] [-n size] [-b path] zipfile

Options for zipnote:

-b path: path to zip archive

-L Display zip licence

-w [VMS] Append the version number of the files to the name, including multiple versions of files. (default: use only the most recent version of a specified file).

-h Display short help


Zipnote is part of a collection of command line archivers. It is used to write the comments in the zipfile to stdout.

Zip is the archiver, unzip the extracter, zipsplit turns a single archive into a multi-volume archive, and zipcloak deals with encrypting (default) and decrypting (-d) existing archives.

Compatable with pkzip/unzip (DOS) and bzip (LINUX et al). Full detail is available at the urls (below)

Note: there are also a wide range of products called "zipnote", such as an e-mail-to-postcard service and a Palm OS utility.

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