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zipsplit [options] [-n size] [-r room] [-b path] zipfile

Split a zip file into multiple zip files.

"Size" must be larger than the largest compressed file.


  • -t: tell how many files would be used, but don't create them
  • -i: create index (zipsplit.idx), count size against first zip file
  • -n: maximum zip file size (default = 36000 bytes)
  • -r: leave room for so many bytes on the first disk (default = 0)
  • -b: path for output zip files
  • -p: pause between output zip files
  • -s: output zip files in sequence, even if it's not optimal


See how many zip files it would be, if split into 100,000 bytes each.

zipsplit -tn 100000

Perform the split.

zipsplit -n 100000

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