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zsh or The Z Shell is one of the newest shells with an enhanced command line editing interface.



Find zsh-*.rpm in your distribution or simply search via RPM Search and download the file. run as root

rpm -ihv zsh-*.rpm


zsh can be installed from Debian's main repository, using your APT front end of choice. For example, run as root:

apt-get install zsh


aptitude install zsh

will install zsh and any packages on which zsh depends.

A package with documentation, zsh-doc is also available.


Currently avalible 4.2.6 stable version. If you want to install zsh on gentoo, simply type in console:

emerge -av zsh


(cd /usr/ports/shells/zsh;make install clean)


MS Windows

Unicode support.

At this time the developent versions of zsh support utf-8 (your can simply install zsh from cvs. With this feature you can use zsh with any language.

Default Shell

To setup zsh for day-to-day use, it's posible to change default shell (don't use the feature with root user if you don't understand this).

chsh -s `which zsh`


The Zshell(Zsh) has comfortable history. You can also tune history engine in zsh.

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