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Hi folks, in former times I was a LinuxNewbie and perhaps will always be. I found a lot of help on wikies and forums espescially on Now I will give a bit of my "software" (braint --> knowledge) back to the community.

Wiki means fast but I am german, so fast writing means german writing for me. Obvious I can write english also, but it is less fast... So if you found something interesting you do not understand, ask me and I will translate it for you.

My german wiki page

Newbies gives some usefull tips for new linux users. On GNU/Linux unfortunately there are some problem new users can easily despair about. I give some tip for newbies therewith they will not do the same mistaced I did. Which could result in ginving up completly about Linux.

Distributionen describes my experiences and recommendations for the GNU-Operation systems I know.

Notebook all about my Notebook