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Eternal Lands is a MMORPG. Eternal Lands differs from other fantasy worlds like Runescape, in that all abilities can be used by anyone, even people with the lowest level, with the exception of magic, which enforces levels. The only thing required to do more stuff is knowledge, and that means buying the right books. Reading books can take a few minutes, to hours depending on the book, and how fast your player can read it. Its closer to real life then some other fantasy games, and quite fun to play, with good graphics, and support for both Windows and Linux.

As hinted in the previous sentence, you can increase how fast you gain knowledge, and can also up other stats, like hit points and whatnot. You do this by buying "attributes" from the wraith (the ghostly guy you see when you first start), you can also buy "perks" from him. Some perks can hurt you, some can help you. If they hurt you, you can always remove it. However, it will remove all the perks and attributes you bought. Be careful at the wraith, because you don't pay him with money, but with the points you earn. Each time your overall level goes up, you get 1 point.

Don't be afraid to ask for help, the players are more then helpful and friendly. You start in probably the friendliest of levels, to get back there at anytime, type "#beam me up" without the quotes.

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