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In order to play under Linux, you can:

  • Play open source games that are available for Linux.
  • Play with a native game, i.e. a game that has been written for Linux (See list).
  • Use Steam for Linux. Currently, it works only on Ubuntu.
  • Games from GOG (Good Old Games) have native linux ports.
  • Use Crossover for Linux to run Windows games on Linux.
  • Use Wine, which allows to run Windows applications and games under Linux.
  • Use Lutris to easily install Windows games and many other platforms on Linux.
  • Use PlayOnLinux
  • Buy Humble Indie Bundle which is compatible with Linux now.
  • Use game emulators such as DOSBox, MAME, MupenPlus64, PCX2, PCSX-R, Higan (thanks to this), ePSXe, Retroarch, Lakka, Kodi
  • Use Java Webstart to install cross-platform games very easily.

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