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After having install Ekiga you can start by reading the official documentation and FAQ.

To launch Ekiga in a terminal type :


a new window will appear.with four tags 'Talk Edit Show Help

if you do not have a SIP address

in the main ekiga window, click on the edit tag and then on configuration assistant

give your name (ex : John Doe)
next give your username (ex : doe) and password
click on I do not want to sign for the free service
follow the blue link get an SIP account from ekiga registration page
fill the page, accept and submit.
You will receive a mail with your sip account (sip address) (ex : and password.

when you have a SIP address

check your configuartion using the echo test

in the main window click on tag show then on Services and echo test.
you can tune your microphone and speakers using alsamixer and kmix and by clicking on the small sound icon in the right part of the ekiga window.

You can directly enter the echo test sip address at the top of the ekiga window
Right-click on the mouse on call fonction to set up the connection.

ask your correspondant to get a SIP address

To be connected with a correspondant, this person must have its own SIP address (ex:
You have to ask for this address. If he or she does not have yet a SIP address he or she has to use the same procedure as upper from its computer and its own ekiga installation to get one.

when you and your correspondant have both a sip address

Go to the main window and enter the sip address of your correspondant (ex : and right-click on the mouse on call fonction to set up the connection.

Alternatively, you can use the call history page in the show tag.


Ekiga is very lunatic :

  • very often you will get error messages instead of a connection. In that case, kill it and restart it.
  • sometimes if your correspondant can't call you, try to call him instead !

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