Internet and network commands

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Internet and network Commands

ethtool command to show if a network cable is plugged in e.a.
ftp Used to establish a connection with a specified host using the File Transfer Protocol.
ifconfig Displays/establishes information about the network interfaces.
ifup Bring up network interface.
ifdown Bring up network interface.
iptraf Interactive IP LAN monitor
iwconfig Displays/establishes information about the wireless interfaces.
ip Used to manage IP network interfaces.
lsof Command to show what processes are making use of a port e.a.
nmap Command to show which ports are open e.a.
netstat Displays information about the Linux networking subsystem.
nslookup Looks up the numerical IP address of the specified host.
ping Sends a packet to a designated address and waits for a response.
route Configure IP4 routing
scp Copy files over the network.
showmount Displays the Network Filesystem mounts available.
smbclient Launches an interactive samba utility which resembles ftp.
smbmount Mounts a remote Samba service at the specified mount point.
smbumount Unmounts the specified Samba mount point.
ssh Control a remote computer over the network.
telnet Opens a terminal window on the remote host and starts an interactive session.
traceroute Prints the route that packets take to network host
wvdial Initiates a PPP dial-up connection.