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The K Desktop Environment, better known as KDE, was initially called, in 1996, "the Kool Desktop Environment".

KDE is a powerful Open Source graphical desktop environment for Linux and Unix workstations. It combines ease of use and outstanding graphical design with the technological superiority of the Unix operating system. KDE and GNOME are the most widely used desktop environments on Unix operating systems.

KDE's office suite is KOffice.

KDE applications generally use the Qt toolkit for their GUI.

How to get KDE

If you want to install KDE on your computer, you first need to find out your distribution. Then proceed accordingly.


To install KDE on Ubuntu, open a conSole and enter

sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop


Install KDE on Debian, you could use

apt-get install aptitude tasksel
aptitude --without-recommends install ~t^standard$ ~t^desktop$ ~t^kde-desktop$

Latest major release

The latest major release of the K Desktop Environment is KDE Plasma 6.

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