Keyboard shortcuts at a glance

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Keyboard shortcuts at a glance

Listed here are some commonly used keyboard shortcuts for various popular text editors. Note, the commands given for pico should work equally well in nano.

How do I

Check spelling?

Close the window in which cursor is positioned?

  • emacs: Ctrl + x
  • joe: Ctrl + k, i
  • vi: :(colon), w, q - Press colon, release it and then press w and q. This command save the file and then quits.
  • vi: :(colon), q, ! - Press colon, release it and then press q and !. This command quits without saving the file.
  • pico: Ctrl + X

Create a new file?

Delete a line?

Mark a block of text?

  • emacs: Ctrl + spacebar
  • joe: Ctrl + k, b
  • pico: Ctrl + 6 (or ctrl + ^)

Move to the beginning of a file?

Open a file?

Reformat the text after an editing change?

Save a file?

Scroll down?

  • emacs: PgDn
  • joe: PgDn
  • vi: j or down arrow (move down one line), PgDn or Ctrl + f (move down one page)
  • pico: Ctrl + N (move one line), Ctrl + V (move one page)

Scroll up?

  • emacs: PgUp
  • joe: PgUp
  • vi: k or up arrow (move up one line), PgUp or Ctrl + b (move up one page)
  • pico: Ctrl + P (move one line), Ctrl + Y (move one page)

Search for text?

  • emacs: Ctrl + s
  • joe: Ctrl + k, f
  • vi: / (forward slash), followed by text to search for
  • pico: Ctrl + W

See the program's keyboard shotcuts on screen?

Split the screen into two windows?

  • emacs: Ctrl + x, 2
  • joe: Ctrl + k, o
  • vi: :(colon), s, p

Undo an editing change?

  • emacs: Ctrl + _(Underscore)
  • joe: Ctrl + _(Underscore)
  • vi: :(colon), u