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Disambiguation pages contain links to articles on different topics, but the topics themselves are often linked to using the same page name.

The purpose of a disambiguation page is to allow readers to choose between the different articles listed on that page, while using a simple link. Additionally, if you've followed a link to a disambiguation page, you can always go back and modify the link to point to the correct article on the disambiguation page.

For example, one may want to create a disambiguation page at "free" for free software and the function free(3) in C, so if you are searching for "free", you will be able to find both instances of the word. When links are made, they can be made to point to the right article.

Formatting guidelines

Links to articles on the disambiguation page should be formatted as a bulleted list. In addition, a short description can be included if felt appropriate.

Standard disambiguation message

A standard message should be placed at the bottom of a disambiguation page. You can do this by including this code snippet:


in the markup at the bottom of the page. See below for the code snippet and the message it produces.

This code: Produces this message:
{{disambig}} This is a disambiguation page - it contains links to different pages which are referenced here under the same page name. If you've followed a link and have arrived on this page, you might want to go back and modify the link to point to the most appropriate article which is listed on this page.