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Standard messages are simply notices that can be appended onto a page by inserting special code snippets in the markup.

How to insert a standard message

You can insert a standard message into a page by including a code snippet of this general format in the page's markup:


Or - if you want to copy the text from the MediaWiki message into the page, without it being linked to its content (so acting just like copy and paste), use:


N.B - The appropriate code snippet format to be used for each message, is shown in the table below.

List of standard messages

The following is a complete list of standard message code snippets, with the message produced to the right of each one.

This code: Produces this message:
{{msg:disambig}} This is a disambiguation page - it contains links to different pages which are referenced here under the same page name. If you've followed a link and have arrived on this page, you might want to go back and modify the link to point to the most appropriate article which is listed on this page.
{{msg:stub}} This article is a stub and needs to be finished. Plunge forward and help it grow!