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Discussing LQwiki organization

Candidates for deletion -- LQWiki page

Just came accross a message from PenguinOfWonder who wanted to mark a page as a canditate for deletion. That looked like a good idea.


What do you all think ?

LQWiki:Ways_to_help_the_LinuxQuestions.org_Wiki would probably be a good place to put a link to it for instance. My two cents --Questynux 19:17, February 1, 2007 (EST)

Importing contents

End user manual -- cc compatible 50 pages long guide

(Original Poster's title was "Material available for importation!")

A end user guide that got slashdotted is compatible with our license! All we have to do is provide attribution. Here's the link:


Crazyeddie 02:05, Aug 31, 2004 (EDT)

The guide is 50 pages long, too long for a single article. I'll start with a page with some introductory information, a boilerplate attribution notice, and the preface. Here's the link: End User Manual Crazyeddie 18:04, Sep 1, 2004 (EDT)

It's been incorporated. Might need to work the material into existing articles, but it's slanted towards readers less advanced than our target audience. Crazyeddie 13:56, Sep 8, 2004 (EDT)

linuxwiki.com, a German language wiki with a similar mission to ours

(Original Poster's title was "Any German speakers?")

linuxwiki.com is a German language wiki with a similar mission to ours. We (the moderator council) haven't been able to tell what license they are using, so we can't tell if it is safe to use their material here or not. Could some native German speaker approach their leadership and ask? From a quick look around, it looks like they have less material than we do, but they might have something we missed. And they might like to use our material, licenses allowing.

Also, do we have any bilingual contributors here? (Good enough to help translate technical documents.) Crazyeddie 02:11, Aug 31, 2004 (EDT)

linuxwiki.com/.de/.org uses the "GNU Free Documentation License" but they also say that it is a bad license for paperless-documents. So it is only set so to be compatible to other projects (i.e. linuxquestions.org) --Phobie 19:17, Sep 8, 2004 (EDT)

"Da ggfs. hier auch die GNU-Lizenz gilt dann bedeutet das, dass man Inhalte frei übernehmen kann (in beide Richtungen)." -->translate--> "If necessary the GNU-License applies. This means free content can be transfered into other projects (vice versa)" --Phobie 19:17, Sep 8, 2004 (EDT)

So copying is permitted and wanted. I would like to see wiki.linuxquestions.org and linuxwiki.org on one page just like the famous wikipedia (en.wikipedia.org de.wikipedia.org). With your software and there domain. --Phobie 19:17, Sep 8, 2004 (EDT)

Thanks Phobie. Unfortunately, GFDL was exactly what I was hoping not to hear. We use Creative Commons (by-sa), and GFDL and CC fight. Do they use GFDL so they can use other people's documents, or so other people can use theirs? If the latter, would they be interested in migrating? Who owns the copyright to their material? The contributors, or the site itself? If it's the site itself, they could unilaterally give us permission to use their material, regardless of license (unless they incorporated it from somebody else's work).

They do not care much about the license name and would also accept CC if that is a "realy free" license. The german law divides copyright in two parts. If you produce something you will always be the "producer" of the content you can only sell or give away the right to make money with your content. That is a little hard to translate...
This means the contributors are always the owner of the content, but allow everybody to frely use there "product".
For migration interests you should write to <info AT linuxwiki DOT de> Also start a open discussion on linuxwiki all will understand your english!
linuxwiki targets
linuxwiki languages
--Phobie 19:26, Sep 8, 2004 (EDT)

Oh, and you might want to sign discussion posts (as opposed to article edits) with four tildes (~). Crazyeddie 18:37, Sep 8, 2004 (EDT)

We had a edit conflict... I was not ready with my post... You was to fast or I should have used "Show preview"--Phobie 19:17, Sep 8, 2004 (EDT)

Mediawiki markup language questions

Please be sure to see the LQWiki:Wiki_markup or wikimedia's guide for help on wiki markup language. They are a great source of information.

Highlighting code

Q: How would I highlight code, is there any standard mechanism for highlighting code? (I already checked help pages) --Flonejek 09:25, May 3, 2004 (EDT)

Off topic

Discussion: The Screensavers Premier

Just caught the Screensavers Premier. I think the new co-host, Alex, might work out - he's kinda like a young Leo. (Although I did have a bad moment when I first saw him - I was afraid they had brought him over from G4!) But I think they need a more serious guy to replace Pat. Pat's served as an "anchor" for the team, getting the show back on track when things got too weird and providing serious advice. They need at least one guy to hold things together.

They also need more women, for balance, besides the obvious reasons. Sarah's good, but she's taken! By a guy on the show! They traded off Jessica and Morgan to prop up other show's ratings (worked in Morgan's case, but I still don't watch Tech Live. Could we please bring back Jessica? Or more guest appearances by Morgan or Megan?) Ideally, they could combine this with the Pat replacement. Any acting experience Dys?

I've also thought for a long time that it would be nice to have a lawyer-type on as a permanent cast member, or at least as a recurring guest. There is a lot of law-related topics in computers these days, and it might be fun to have a picture-in-a-picture reaction shot during Kevin's segments. How busy is PJ over at Groklaw these days?

New set's going to take some getting used to - everything is backwards, and I think I see the G4 influence in the set design. The old set had more of a "firehouse" look to it.

What do you all think? Crazyeddie 13:56, Sep 8, 2004 (EDT)