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This page lists a series of guidelines that should be followed when naming articles. The purpose of these guidelines is to help ensure consistency across the Wiki and accuracy in linking.


When naming articles try to use the singular form of a word or term rather than its plural version - the exception being when a word is almost always used in its plural form.

For example - suppose you wanted to write an article about "Compilers" - do we create the page [[Compilers]] or [[Compiler]]? - It's better to use the singular form ie [[Compiler]] because the Wiki software enables us to create links easily to both the singular and plural form of the word from this i.e:

[[Compiler]] - singular

[[Compiler]]s - plural - (just add an "s" - the software will show this as one word)

This is in contrast to using the plural form for the page name ie [[Compilers]]. In this scenario, every time you wanted to create a link from the singular form of the word i.e "Compiler" you would have to use a piped link ie [[Compilers|Compiler]] or a redirect.


When naming articles whose page name consists of two or more words, don't capitalize second and subsequent words unless they're mostly used in their capitalized form or are proper nouns.

This enables us to create links easily and appropriately within a page, without having to capitalize the words in a link and hence detract from the normal lowercase wording throughout a page.

Special characters in article names

The following characters are not allowed in article names:

" # $ * + < > = @ [ ] \ ^ ` { } | ~

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