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You may be wondering how to start a new page. You will notice the lack of a "start new page" functionality. The reasoning behind this is that all new pages should be linked from another page. To start a new page simply create a link to the page and then follow the link to edit the page.

To create a link using Wiki markup you need to type the title of the page placing it between double brackets, [[Like this]]. This will create a link to a new blank page with the title you specified between the brackets. You should start at the Main Page and navigate down to the most specific page as possible when creating a new page.


You should be aware that you can always link to wikipedia for a definition. On the other hand, wikipedia is not a tutorial or how-to.

Example: When talking about USB, its definition, the latest version, speed and a picture of its connectors can be found at wikipedia. This wiki will focus on the "tutorial part for Linux":

Man pages

You should refrain from just copying-and-pasting man pages. Man pages are typically written in a formal way - meaning they will list all options, but not point out which are the ones that you use in 90% of all cases. They do not give an introduction to newcomers, and use too less examples. They list "if you use this option -> this happens", but a "normal user" rather wants an explanation "I want to do this -> use this option".

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