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For the content of this Wikipage, the rough definition of a Linux Newbie has been:

"Someone who has recently been introduced to, has started using, or has yet to use, Linux".

The question/answer process of this page is designed toward the goal of "How do I DO stuff in Linux?", Not "What is Linux?". If you have a question that you think is common and should be added to the page, please plunge forward.

How can I dualboot different Operating Systems on my computer?

You should check guides specific to your distribution first, to see if they have instructions that may better suit your system.

Dual Booting Macs

Which distro should I use?

See Choosing a Linux distribution.

Where can I find Linux software to replace my Microsoft software?

See Linux software equivalent to Windows software.

What Antivirus/Firewall software should I use for my system?

See Linux software equivalent to Windows software.

How do I get/install Multimedia Codecs?

See Installing Codecs.

How do I defragment my filesystem on Linux?

Fragmentation is less a problem with Linux filesystems

Where can I get books or guides to learn more about using Linux in general ?

Where can I get more information regarding a specific distribution?

You can find more information on a respective distro here:

See also

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