Linux support options

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Linux support options


  • Internet based
    • Linux Questions Forums - for questions
    • Linux Questions Wiki - to look up HOWTOs, tips, etc.
    • Other wikis
    • TLDP - organized documents repository
    • IRC Chat - interactive chat session to discuss problems
    • Newsgroup - often can answer questions fairly quickly
    • Google Groups - indexes newsgroups, Posts appear hours later
    • Mailing list - archives can be looked up; queries answered by email
    • Email - much support depends on email correspondence
  • Other volunteer support
    • Neighbor, friend, associate, or relative - if you know a guru, treat him/her right.
    • User group - there are many Linux user groups around to provide mutual support.
    • Club

Commercial - free or paid

  • Distribution vendor
    • Free installation support for boxed distributions
    • Other support is usually paid, but not always
    • Support for consumers may be limited
  • Machine vendor may offer free or paid support
    • Purchase machine with Linux pre-installed
    • Support could include partitioning the hard drive
  • Other
    • Contractor
    • Employee
    • Neighbor
    • Neighborhood store
    • Service Corporation