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This is a list of backup applications for use with Linux. Before you start backing up your files you should be familiar with Linux filesystem and backup types.

List of backup tools suitable for the normal users or beginners. They are simple, easy to use and have nice graphical user interface (GUI):

  • Déjà Dup
  • Luckybackup
  • Duplicati
  • Back In Time
  • Fwbackups
  • Kbackup
  • Grsync

List of backup tools suitable for the advanced users such as system administrators or network administartors:

  • Amanda - full-featured network backup system for tapes, disks and optical media for Linux/Unixes/Mac/Windows
  • Backuppc - linux/windows backup to disk
  • Bacula - linux/mac/windows network backup
  • Back In Time - linux UI client / rsync frontend / "Apple Time Machine" like backups.
  • Dirvish - rotating disk-to-disk backup using hard links
  • Mondorescue
  • Hdup - back up to another hard disk or another machine
  • Rdiff-backup (outdated)
  • Unison
  • Duplicity
  • BackupNinja
  • Box Backup Tool
  • Areca (discontinued)
  • Bareos Data Protection
  • Burp
  • TimeShift
  • UrBackup
  • Veritas Netbackup

Low-level programs (commandline tools) and file formats for archives:

  • ar - archiving file format, useful mostly for program and library binaries.
  • dar
  • cpio
  • dd - not good for a routine backup, but sometimes useful
  • ntfsclone - specific to the NTFS filesystem type.
  • partclone - full-partition backups of active disk blocks
  • rsync - efficient network copy command
  • tar
  • rclone
  • rsnapshot
  • restic
  • borgbackup