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This list will vary depending on compilation factors. You can view yours with the command

$ dumpkeys -l
SymbolNumeric valueVisual representation/Explanation
nul 0x0000
Control_a through g 0x0001 through 0x0008
BackSpace 0x0008 Remove the character to the left. Delete does the same thing, but it works at the login prompt as well. To remove the character under the cursor, use the string "\033[3~" (mapped to Remove by default). Control_h is a synonym.
Tab 0x0009 Moves one tabwidth to the right. Control_i is a synonym.
Linefeed 0x000a Starts a new line. Control_j is a synonym.
Control_k through z 0x000b through 0x001a
Escape 0x001b
Control_backslash 0x001c
Control_bracketright 0x001d
Control_asciicircum 0x001e
Control_underscore 0x001f
space 0x0020
exclam 0x0021 !
quotedbl 0x0022 "
numbersign 0x0023 #
dollar 0x0024 $
percent 0x0025 %
ampersand 0x0026 &
apostrophe 0x0027 '
parenleft 0x0028 (
parenright 0x0029 )
asterisk 0x002a *
plus 0x002b +
comma 0x002c ,
minus 0x002d -
period 0x002e .
slash 0x002f /
zero 0x0030 0
one 0x0031 1
two 0x0032 2
three 0x0033 3
four 0x0034 4
five 0x0035 5
six 0x0036 6
seven 0x0037 7
eight 0x0038 8
nine 0x0039 9
colon 0x003a :
semicolon 0x003b ;
less 0x003c <
equal 0x003d =
greater 0x003e >
question 0x003f ?
at 0x0040 @
A through Z 0x0041 through 0x005a
bracketleft 0x005b [
backslash 0x005c \
bracketright 0x005d ]
asciicircum 0x005e ^; circumflex is a synonym
underscore 0x005f _
grave 0x0060 `
a through z 0x0061 through 0x007a
braceleft 0x007b {
bar 0x007c |
braceright 0x007d }
asciitilde 0x007e ~; tilde is a synonym
Delete 0x007f Removes the previous character. BackSpace does the same thing, but this works at the login prompt as well. The string "\033[3~" (mapped to Remove by default) will erase the character under the cusor, like the Delete key usually does.
nobreakspace 0x00a0
exclamdown 0x00a1 ¡
cent 0x00a2 ¢
sterling 0x00a3 £; pound is a synonym
currency 0x00a4 ¤
yen 0x00a5 ¥
brokenbar 0x00a6 ¦
section 0x00a7 §
diaeresis 0x00a8 ¨
copyright 0x00a9 ©
ordfeminine 0x00aa ª
guillemotleft 0x00ab «
notsign 0x00ac ¬
hyphen 0x00ad
registered 0x00ae ®
macron 0x00af ¯
degree 0x00b0 °
plusminus 0x00b1 ±
twosuperior 0x00b2 ²
threesuperior 0x00b3 ³
acute 0x00b4 ´
mu 0x00b5 µ
paragraph 0x00b6 ¶; pilcrow is a synonym
periodcentered 0x00b7 ·
cedilla 0x00b8 ¸
onesuperior 0x00b9 ¹
masculine 0x00ba º
guillemotright 0x00bb »
onequarter 0x00bc ¼
onehalf 0x00bd ½
threequarters 0x00be ¾
questiondown 0x00bf ¿
Agrave 0x00c0 À
Aacute 0x00c1 Á
Acircumflex 0x00c2 Â
Atilde 0x00c3 Ã
Adiaeresis 0x00c4 Ä
Aring 0x00c5 Å
AE 0x00c6 Æ
Ccedilla 0x00c7 Ç
Egrave 0x00c8 È
Eacute 0x00c9 É
Ecircumflex 0x00ca Ê
Ediaeresis 0x00cb Ë
Igrave 0x00cc Ì
Iacute 0x00cd Í
Icircumflex 0x00ce Î
Idiaeresis 0x00cf Ï
ETH 0x00d0 Ð
Ntilde 0x00d1 Ñ
Ograve 0x00d2 Ò
Oacute 0x00d3 Ó
Ocircumflex 0x00d4 Ô
Otilde 0x00d5 Õ
Odiaeresis 0x00d6 Ö
multiply 0x00d7 ×; multiplication is a synonym
Ooblique 0x00d8 Ø; Oslash is a synonym
Ugrave 0x00d9 Ù
Uacute 0x00da Ú
Ucircumflex 0x00db Û
Udiaeresis 0x00dc Ü
Yacute 0x00dd Ý
THORN 0x00de Þ
ssharp 0x00df ß
agrave 0x00e0 à
aacute 0x00e1 á
acircumflex 0x00e2 â
atilde 0x00e3 ã
adiaeresis 0x00e4 ä
aring 0x00e5 å
ae 0x00e6 æ
ccedilla 0x00e7 ç
egrave 0x00e8 è
eacute 0x00e9 é
ecircumflex 0x00ea ê
ediaeresis 0x00eb ë
igrave 0x00ec ì
iacute 0x00ed í
icircumflex 0x00ee î
idiaeresis 0x00ef ï
eth 0x00f0 ð
ntilde 0x00f1 ñ
ograve 0x00f2 ò
oacute 0x00f3 ó
ocircumflex 0x00f4 ô
otilde 0x00f5 õ
odiaeresis 0x00f6 ö
division 0x00f7 ÷
oslash 0x00f8 ø
ugrave 0x00f9 ù
uacute 0x00fa ú
ucircumflex 0x00fb û
udiaeresis 0x00fc ü
yacute 0x00fd ý
thorn 0x00fe þ
ydiaeresis 0x00ff ÿ
F1 through 20 0x0100 through 0x0113 Fx keys are used for string mappings.
Find 0x0114 So are all these; Home is a synonym for Find
Insert 0x0115
Remove 0x0116
Select 0x0117 End is a synonym
Prior 0x0118 PageUp is a synonym
Next 0x0119 PageDown is a synonym
Macro 0x011a
Help 0x011b
Do 0x011c Except possibly this
Pause 0x011d
F21 through 246 0x011e through 0x01ff
VoidSymbol 0x0200 Does nothing
Return 0x0201
Show_Registers 0x0202 Prints the contents of the CPU registers
Show_Memory 0x0203 Prints memory usage
Show_State 0x0204
Break 0x0205
Last_Console 0x0206 Returns to the previously used tty
Caps_Lock 0x0207 Toggles the default case of letters
Num_Lock 0x0208
Scroll_Lock 0x0209 Prevents the tty from scrolling
Scroll_Forward 0x020a Move the tty 'window' down.
Scroll_Backward 0x020b Move the tty 'window' up.
Boot 0x020c
Caps_On 0x020d
Compose 0x020e Allows extra characters according to compose declarations in the keymap; pressing compose, a, e (three separate presses), for instance, might produce æ
SAK 0x020f
Decr_Console 0x0210 Move down a tty
Incr_Console 0x0211 Move up a tty
KeyboardSignal 0x0212 Spawn_Console is a synonym
Bare_Num_Lock 0x0213
Text_Screen 0x0214
Graph_Screen 0x0215
Toggle_Screen 0x0216
KP_0 through 9 0x0300 through 0x0309
KP_Add 0x030a
KP_Subtract 0x030b
KP_Multiply 0x030c
KP_Divide 0x030d
KP_Enter 0x030e
KP_Comma 0x030f
KP_Period 0x0310
KP_MinPlus 0x0311
dead_grave 0x0400 "dead_grave, key" is a synonym for "compose, '`', key"
dead_acute 0x0401 "dead_acute, key" is a synonym for "compose, '\, key"
dead_circumflex 0x0402 "dead_circumflex, key" is a synonym for "compose, '^', key"; dead_caron is a synonym
dead_tilde 0x0403 "dead_tilde, key" is a synonym for "compose, '~', key"; dead_breve and dead_doubleacute are synonyms
dead_diaeresis 0x0404 "dead_diaeresis, key" is a synonym for "compose, '"', key"
dead_cedilla 0x0405 "dead_cedilla, key" is a synonym for "compose, ',', key"; dead_ogonek is a synonym
Console_1 through 63 0x0500 through 0x053e These symbols switch to the relevant tty
Graphic_0 through 63 0x053f through 0x057e
Down 0x0600
Left 0x0601
Right 0x0602
Up 0x0603
Shift 0x0700
AltGr 0x0701 The second modifier; AltR, Alt_R and AltGr_R are synonyms
Control 0x0702
Alt 0x0703 Usually used to generate Meta keysyms; AltL, Alt_L and AltGr_L are synonyms
ShiftL 0x0704 Left shift; Shift_L is a ynonym
ShiftR 0x0705 Right shift; Shift_R is a synonym
CtrlL 0x0706 Left control; Control_L is a synonym
CtrlR 0x0707 Right control; Control_R is a synonym
CapsShift 0x0708
Meta_nul through Delete 0x0800 through 0x087f (take the non-Meta value and add 0x0800 Meta keys are handled by the application
Ascii_0 through 9 0x0900 through 0x0909 Ascii_ keys allow the entering of symbols by their decimal position in the charset.
Hex_0 through 9, A through F 0x090a through 0x0919 Hex_ keys allow the entering of symbols by their hexadecimal positions in the charset.
Shift_Lock 0x0a00 _Lock keys toggle the relevant modifier's default state; Caps_Lock is the exception as Caps is not a modifier
AltGr_Lock 0x0a01 AltRLock is a synonym
Control_Lock 0x0a02
Alt_Lock 0x0a03 AltLLock is a synonym
ShiftL_Lock 0x0a04
ShiftR_Lock 0x0a05
CtrlL_Lock 0x0a06
CtrlR_Lock 0x0a07
SShift 0x0c00
SAltGr 0x0c01
SControl 0x0c02 SCtrl is a synonym
SAlt 0x0c03
SShiftL 0x0c04
SShiftR 0x0c05
SCtrlL 0x0c06
SCtrlR 0x0c07

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