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Filesharing is when you share files and resources between computers. This can be over the internet, or it can be between computers in a private network. This guide focuses on the second. (see File sharing)

This guide assumes that you have Samba, smb4k installed and your network is running fine.

You won't need any special instructions for sharing with computers with different OS's, it should work for all of them.

1. start smb4k. For me this is under [ Applications-Internet-File transfer-smb4k ]

2. Start scaning the network. On the left hand side you should see a space with a blue circle and a name. One might be MDKgroup... this is the default workgroup that you are in. The other should be the workgroup of the rest of your network. Let's say this is called workgroup.

3. Click on workgroup. Now you can see some computers and their names. Let's say that the computer you want to share with is called XPbox

4. Click on XPbox. if it asks you for a username and password, and you can't get any further with out it, give it.

4.5 if smb4k doesn't ask you but you are told you aren't allowed to access the resource, then click on the authentication button.

5. open XPbox by clicking on the plus sign beside it. (+) Now you should see a green folder for the hard drive. it will be of type disk. if you don't see anything, then this is because the other computer doesn't have anything shared.

6. right click on the disk/resource you want to share. Now click Mount.

7. Let's say your user name is sloppy. Navigate to /home/sloppy/smb4k/XPbox to get stuff and put stuff on the XPbox computer.

8. What about letting XPbox see you? right click on the directory you want to share (lets say home/sloppy) and choose share.

Thats it! 8.5 simple steps. if you are having problems with the stuff in the first italics, then you really want a tutorial on networking, samba, installing software (such as) smb4k, and/or windows networking, not with filesharing. ;)