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Nero is a commonly used CD/DVD burning application for Windows. It has it's own CDROM image format it creates by default. These normally have the .ngr extension.

Burning them in Linux

  • k3b seems to support converting/burning them on-the-fly
  • First convert it to common ISO9660 format (.iso), then burn with your favorite Linux burning software. You can easily convert a ngr image to iso with dd (just need to skip the first 307200 bytes).

Example (modify if and of options to match the input ngr image and output file locations):

$ dd if=myNeroImage.ngr of=myIsoImage.iso bs=1024 skip=300

or use somthing like ngr2iso if dd is to scary for you ;)

Mounting them in Linux

Similar to converting them, it's easy to mount them as an ISO9660 image, just need to skip the first 307200 bytes, example:

# mount -t iso9660 -o loop,offset=307200 myNeroImage.ngr /mnt/myISOmountDir

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